A precious gift for yourself

Qigong is a gift you give to yourself, every day.
A loving and caring moment for your body, mind and soul.

The gentle, quiet movements of Qigong make your body supple and strong.
Practice every day, short or long, intensive or slow.
Qigong has many different exercises.
You will find which exercise best suits you.

Your muscles, your tendons, your bones receive a gift from the flow of Qi.
Qi makes muscles, tendons and bones stronger, more flexible and therefore healthier.
The Qi flows more freely through your whole body.
Blockages disappear, you feel the flow again in yourself.
Almost like when you were a child.

Emotional blockages, old pains get the incentive to disappear.
They are gently stimulated, day after day, until the day when the blockage is completely released and dissolves.
Day after day you become calmer in your head, more relaxed in your body.

Qigong makes your day easier, as if the Qi that flows in you also flows around you.
Every day you allow the Qi to flow, in you, but also in your contact with the people around you.
Interactions go smoother, friendlier.
You are calmer, softer.

You are less bothered by your own blockages and pain, which makes you softer to those around you.
Events just happen, more freely, more balanced.

Practice Qigong daily, and you will deal more easily with life’s changes.
Deal more easily with the moments when life gives you a chance to learn and grow again.

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