Relieve your anxiety meditation

In my private practice, I consult many people about their anxiety.
Fear is THE number one hindering emotion.
It is a warning of impending danger.
For real danger and for imaginary danger.

Taking fear seriously is important.
Taking yourself seriously is important.

Fear makes you lose touch with earth, heaven and the people around you.
Fear prepares you to fight or flee.

But if you don’t have to fight or flee and the ‘attacker’ is imaginary?
Fear makes you think you are all alone; she isolates.
You are all alone with your own unhelpful thoughts.

I created this exercise for those times when you feel anxiety.
Say the sentences out loud and follow the directions with your mind.
You will reconnect with your whole self, the earth, the sky and the people around you.

“I close my eyes.
Behind my eyes is my mind.
The thoughts I don’t need I let go outside.
My head is like still water.
Only helpful thoughts come up, and go again.

My attention goes into my upper body.
The emotions I no longer need I let go.
I am calm and quiet.
My heart is full of love and warmth.
The love and warmth flows freely through my body.

My attention goes to my belly.
I let the tension go out.
My body is relaxed.
I feel my breathing in my belly.

I move my attention down through my body and feel my feet on the earth.
Earth is always there for me, she carries me.
From the earth the life energy flows up through my feet into my body.

With my attention I lead the energy through my whole body.
On top of my head I connect with heaven.
The sky that gives me space, space for inspiration and new thoughts.
The heaven that is always above me, the heaven that protects me.
From heaven I let the energy flow through my body.

My body is connected to heaven and earth.
The life energy flows freely through me.
I let go of what I no longer need.

My head is calm as still water.
My heart is full of love and warmth.
My body is relaxed.
The energy flows freely.

I open my heart and connect with all my loved ones.
I send love and warmth to all my loved ones, the earth and the sky.
I open my heart and receive love from my loved ones.
I open my heart and receive love and life energy (Qi) from earth and heaven.

I am in harmony with heaven and earth.
I am in harmony with my heart and life.
I am in harmony.
I am.”


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