Karina Grijzen – den Oudsten


August 1972 I arrived
Played, read, danced, studied and lived all I could live

Traveling through dreams and the subconscious I healed
I learned to heal others as a Jungian psychologist

Clairvoyance and healing gifts travelled with me to this live
A Peruvian medicine woman initiated me
I am an energy healer

The beautiful ancient arts of Qigong and Tai Chi touched my soul
I teach Qigong and Tai Chi

Creating and teaching is what I love

My mission?
To teach ancient and profound healing techniques
To help others restore their balance and health

Karina Grijzen – den Oudsten MSc.
developmental and educational psychologist
shamanistic energy healer, Qigong teacher, writer

Portret : Tanja van Dijk, www.izavidere.nl